Thank you all so much!

Attention:Putting a piece in your cart does NOT claim your day. One the transaction is successfully processed you will be taken to a thank you page and your day will be claimed as yours. Unfortunately, my system only allows for products to be purchased on this first come, first serve process. Good luck!

Here's how it works:
-You purchase your day for $150 on my website
-I'll be creating 2 paintings that day and you will choose which painting to keep. (with the option of purchasing the second piece at the same discounted price)
-Paintings are for sale before I complete them, so you will have to buy your day before you see the artwork.
-Limit 1 day per customer 

Each piece will be painted from life on a 6" x 12" panel ($300 value) and comes framed, wired, and ready to hang in a handmade wood floater frame. It's the prefect gift to yourself or any of your Zoom friends or Zoom family. 


1 day per customer. Thanks so much!


May Sale is SOLD OUT