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The Commission Process



Let’s Chat

First, we have a conversation about what it is you might be looking for. Don’t worry, this conversation can happen with zero pressure to pull the trigger on anything. You might know exactly what you want or just have a basic idea. I’ll lead the conversation so we can both get a good idea on the best way to make it happen. We’ll discuss things like size, content, color, materials, etc. After our conversation, I’ll follow up with you to send you a quote. At that time, you can make a decision on if you’d like to move forward. If so, I’ll send over an invoice for half the cost of the commission. Payments can always be made in installments, but the initial invoice is not refundable. 



I’ll dive right into making some small paintings and works on paper for us to work off of. These sketches will vary project to project, but it will help give you an idea on what your finished piece will look like. We’ll work together to discuss these sketches before I begin the larger piece. I won’t begin the larger work until I am confident I can produce what you want.



I’ll do my thing. (Which is painting, but at this point int the process I am confident you will have figured that out.) This process takes 4-6 weeks, I’ll send you a picture once I feel it is resolved, at which time, you’ll have an opportunity to make one round of revisions. If you are not satisfied with your piece at this point, the second half payment will not be invoiced.



Once the painting is finally complete I will send you a photo of the piece. At this point, we can discuss framing options as well as how you would like to handle pick-up/delivery. 


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